Happy Leap Day!

So, I realized that today is only the fourth leap day I’ve encountered in my life.  Wow, I’m young.

Anywho, in honor of leap day, I decided to make a scarf.  Not that scarves have anything to do with February 29th, but I just needed a way to segway into my project.

Now, I didn’t exactly “make” the scarf.  What I did was simply add a little creativeness to an otherwise plain article of clothing.

This is all you need.

I got the scarf from Target and the fabric markers from Walmart.  Pretty simple.

Then, I chose one of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare, “This above all: to thine own self be true.”  All I did was write out the quote on the scarf, and voila!

After trying it on, I realized it needed a little something more.  So I, being not the most artistically-talented person on the planet, just drew on some little twirls to give it some depth while wearing it.

Like I said, not super artistic. But hey, at least I tried!

The final product:

It actually turned out better than I expected.  I think it gives a little bit of a twist to the look of a plain scarf, and the scarf I chose is long enough to also be a beach wrap in the summer.  Also, I’d recommend letting the fabric paint dry overnight before wearing.  The paint I used dried pretty fast, but you definitely don’t want to chance it.

Hope you guys like it!

Holly, not Hollie

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