The Closet From Hell, Part One

Today, I come at you with a post that gives you a little more insight into my world.  Instead of doing my mountains of homework, cooking dinner, or cleaning my house today, I decided to be productive towards my closet.  I have been putting off organizing it for so long, mostly for the fact that I have nowhere to put the huge masses of junk that has been slowly consuming my tiny closet for about a decade now.  In addition to the massive amount of clothes I have accumulated over the years, I have stuffed animals, trophies, books (lots of books), shoes, and miscellaneous boxes stuffed in their as well.  Initially, it was easy to just sift through the stuff to find what I need, then shut it so nobody could see how disastrous it was, I’m at the point where I actually want to be able to find things in my closet.

As you may have noticed, I titled this post The Closet From Hell, Part One.  This part one comes into effect because I spent almost three hours organizing tonight, and I’m about a third of the way done.  I only dealt with my shoes and clothes today, so that leaves all the other junk (see above) that I still have to figure out what to do with.  Long story short, there will be at least one more post about my closet in the days to come, once I summon up the courage to tackle the rest of it.

So, without further ado, the before:

Right side of closet

Left side of closet

Okay, now a lot of you may be thinking, Oh, that’s not that bad.  My closet looks a ton worse.  Wrong.  It may not seem like I have a lot of clothes, but on top of this, I have a clothes rack on the opposite side of my room, two dressers, and built in shelving in my closet (which I’ll show later).  Trust me, I have A LOT of clothes.  Not to mention my boyfriend lives with me, so I’ve got his stuff to deal with too.

I started this project at 5 pm.  It is now almost 9 pm.  I’ll show you how my room looked at about, oh, 6:30 pm.

My boyfriend, being a great helper.

As you can see, there was just all sorts of mess going on.  At the end of it all, I counted the empty hangers that were taking up space in my closet. 173.  Like, what?  Is that even a real number?  I’m pretty sure if I had just taken out the loose hangers, I probably would’ve freed up half my closet.

I ended up folding all of my cardigans and sweatshirts and putting them in the interior shelving.  Then, (although you won’t be able to tell from the picture) I color-coordinated all my tops, organizing them by style.  Lastly, I moved all my shoes over to the other side of my closet, hung up some organizers, and…

Right side of closet

Left side of closet


This whole process took about three hours, because I stopped to eat some dinner halfway through.  However, I’m kind of sad that there’s really not difference to be seen, besides the extra organizers I put in.  I had to remind myself that I actually did organize, because from the pictures it’s probably impossible to tell.  Another thing I realized after I finished: it’s going to be pretty difficult to get out the sweatshirts I want, especially the ones that are hiding behind the white organizer.  Ugh.  I guess I’ll end up redoing it again at some point, but for now I’m happy.

What are your best organization tips?  I’d love to hear them!

Holly, not Hollie

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