You Know You’re a Blogger When…

10. Your “most viewed” site on Google Chrome is

9. You have downloaded the WordPress app on your Android/iPhone/tablet to keep up on every single comment/like/view on your page.

8. You now take pictures of every food you make, but only if it’s from scratch.

7. You’ve taken up the art of photography just so your food pictures looks better.

6. You get upset whenever you log in (at least once an hour) and that little yellow button isn’t lit up.

5. You hope something extraordinarily interesting happens to you during the day so you can blog about it later.

4. When something interesting doesn’t happen to you, you spin your day so it sounds interesting, then blog about it.

3. You formulated this entire post in your head at 4 am last night (please blame my lack of sleep if you are hating this post…because I would be just crushed if I was considered a bad blogger).

2. Comments and likes have become the highlight of your day.

1. You dream about being Freshly Pressed, and are severely disappointed/confused when you wake up and don’t have ten thousand new views on your page (yep, this actually happened to me).

What would be in your top 10?

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7 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Blogger When…

  1. marissafh says:

    LOL ! Nice post. I’m new to WordPress, but not blogging. So in a way, I can relate to some of those points. And welcome back to knitting and crafting!

    • Thanks! I’m in the middle of knitting an afghan right now, but It’s been slow going since my yarn seems to want to knot up after every row. I’ll post a picture when I’m done!

  2. laurengraceevans says:

    This is all so true.

  3. Nina Badzin says:

    Yup, I agree with all of these!

    Can I make a blogging suggestion? Change your tagline from “just another wordpress blog” to something more specific to your blog. It will be catchier. Sometimes the ones with “just another wordpress blog” seem like one of wordpress’s blog examples and people will skip it. Make sense?

  4. J-Dub says:

    #10) Guilty as charged, Your Honor.
    #9) Replace “iPhone/Android” with “Windows Phone,” then repeat #10
    #8 ) Not applicable to a sports blogger, but I could start taking pictures of all the food on my shirt if that helps.
    #7) See #8. Maybe I should really buy some new shirts.
    #6) Or you obsessively check your stats…
    #5) For a sports blogger, one hopes to figure out an interesting way to say something about Tebow.
    #4) No idea what you are talking about. As a blogger, my life is like that of James Bond, a test pilot, and the Geico Insurance lizard all rolled into one.
    #3) I’ve always been amazed at the difference in my own opinions of my ideas depending on the time of day and the numbers of beers I’ve had.
    #2) If by “highlight of my day,” you mean “reason I have yet to shoot myself,” then yes.
    #1) Sports blogs never make “Freshly Pressed,” especially not ones that drop the occasional F-bomb.

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