Top Ten Perks of Unemployment

10. You finally have enough time to color-coordinate your cooking utensils drawer.  Who knew there were so many shades of silver?

9. You now save a ton of money on your heating bill, since you’ve found the time to knit afghans/sweaters/scarves for the whole family.

8. When your significant other so kindly asks you to “go make me a sandwich woman”, instead of yelling right back, you now reply, “Ham, turkey or tuna salad?  I made all three this afternoon.”

7. Your home is filled with fabulous arts and crafts, due to the abundance of time you now spend on Pinterest.

6. You had time to write this entire post with no interruptions.

5. Your children’s lunches now resemble a feast fit for the Queen of England, complete with hors d’oeuvres and a dessert tray.

4. You’ve consider writing a book about your homemaking skills.

3. Your friends and family tend to take pity on your financial situation and offer to pay for lunches, shopping, and gas. (Well, in my case they do, anyway.)

2. Your coupon-clipping skills have now surpassed the likes of Extreme Couponers.

1. Sleeping until noon is no longer a luxury-it’s a way of life.


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