Eight Balls of Yarn Later…

In the last four days I think I’ve knit more than I have in my entire life.  My hands are cramping, I’m losing motivation, and, quite simply, I’m sick of knitting the same pattern over and over and over.  And so far, I’m only about halfway done.

I laid the ruler on the pattern to give you guys an idea of how large it is.  It’s about 48″ wide and 30″ long, so far.  I have to finish by Saturday for my friend’s party, so hopefully I can keep trekking through.  I’m not going to lie though, for my next housewarming party, I’m going to need at least two weeks heads up in order to finish something like this again.

The only thing keeping me going is seeing how well it’s turning out.  I’ve made a few mistakes, but this is actually the first afghan I’ve ever knit, and I’m really surprised at how beautiful it looks.  It always amazes me some of the things you can create with your hands, and I’m really proud of myself because I’ve never been very creative.  It’s good to know that I’ve found my creative calling.

Now, I’m off to Michael’s to buy out their entire yarn department again.

Holly, not Hollie

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