Macbook Pro vs. Macbook Air?

I am fortunate enough to be receiving a new computer for my birthday in five (FIVE!!) days, which will include my mom taking me to the Apple store to pick out either a Macbook Pro or Air, since my Dell laptop has gone to crap over the last four years.

How I feel about half the time.

The only problem with this is that I have hardly any knowledge of Apple.  My experience with the company consists of owning an iPod Touch, and that’s about it.  My brother recently bought a Macbook Pro, and he says he likes it, but when I’ve searched reviews online, I get everything from, “The Pro is heavy and cheap-looking compared to the Air” to “The Air is too small and has hardly any storage.”

So, I’ve decided to ask the blogging community for a little bit of help.  I’m assuming a lot of you guys have Macs, or know more about them than I do.  So, I ask you.  Which Mac should I get, Pro or Air?  And why? I will primarily be using my laptop for school and entertainment, so if that factors into anything, there you go.

Holly, not Hollie

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4 thoughts on “Macbook Pro vs. Macbook Air?

  1. zavara says:

    Hi Holly – I wish I was in your position to be getting a nice new Mac (mine is five years old! But, it still works amazingly well – Macs are definitely stable, long-lasting machines)!

    From what I’ve seen (and I am by no means an expert) MacBook Pros have faster processors and more storage but MacBook Airs are lighter and lets face it; prettier. If you need to transport your laptop to school everyday and you walk I would say the Air because its much lighter than the Pros and from experience having a lighter laptop in your bag is pretty good. Also if you’re only using it for school and entertainment then the Air would probably suit what you need to do – however if you do video-editing or need to store a lot of files or do lots of things at once/ things that require a fast processor I would go with the Pro.

    My friend has an Air and she mainly uses it for entertainment, my other friend has a Pro and I know that she does some more ‘hard-out’ things with the software on her computer. So I’m not saying the Air isn’t capable of good processing – anything by Apple is, but I think the Pro would just be better suited for that purpose.

    Anyways, I can just point out to you know that the Pro has better storage and a faster processor but the Air is lighter and would probably get what you need done, also external hard drives for extra storage can be bought if you need that. I think that either one will be great for what you want to do. Good luck on making your decision – hope I’ve helped 🙂

    • Thank you for your input! I’ve been kind of leaning toward the Pro because I don’t really like small screens and I know that the Air only goes up to 13″. However, I’m not a super techy person, so I don’t even know that I would need the additional storage that the Pro has to offer, plus the price is quite a bit higher for a Pro.

      I’m really glad to hear how dependable they are though! My Dell no longer plays sound unless I have my headphones plugged in, and even then it’s wishy-washy. I’m sure whatever I pick it will be much better than what I’m dealing with now.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. michaelmerto says:

    Randomly stumbled on this and hopefully the ridiculous amounts of money spent on apple products gets put to helpful use here. i have a 15″ 2010 macbook pro i7 with 8 gb ram and a 512 gb ssd. i also have a 11″ 2010 macbook air which sports a 1.4 core2duo, 2 gb ram, and a 64 gb ssd.

    The pro stays at home and the air goes with me everywhere. the size and weight are huge differences with the pro being somewhat of a chore to lug around. i hardly notice the air in my backpack.

    the air is surprisingly powerful and i have the old one. my machine can edit in photoshop no problem, cannot tell the difference between it and my pro. video editing is different BUT the new ones with the sandy bridge i5 and i7 chips are super and more powerful than the chip in my pro! unless your rendering hours of video everyday, the difference between the current ones will not be noticed.

    in fact, the air will feel faster because it comes standard with an ssd (solid state disk). the pros have standard hdd unless you spend mucho deniro for an upgrade. the ssd means the machine will boot in ~15secs and programs load in an instant. i swear by the ssd. so the pro STOCK might have MORE storage but it aint better.

    i care about aesthetics and the new pros are due out later this year and will be thinner and lighter, basically looking like the air. so if you can’t wait and get a pro now, then soon you will have a noticeably outdated looking piece of hardware. (self promotion – for more info on the new pros – )

    13 inch is a pretty good size. it would be better if you had a monitor to hook it up to when you’re at home so it wouldn’t be as much of a factor. but that’s going for you to decide what screen size your comfortable with. i like being out and about with my laptop ready in case i feel like being productive. before i had my air, i had to be absolutely sure i was going to do work, no way i was carrying that heavy thing around “just in case” … and I’m buff dammit.

    lastly, it’s an apple, can’t really go wrong sounds cliched but i look at macs from 2005 still being workhorses and still looking better than 75% of the non-apple laptops out there. ultimately, if i had to choose now….i’d keep my air.

    • That was a lot of information! It seems pretty consistent with what I’ve been reading, specifically the weight issue with the pro. But you did make a good point. A Mac is a Mac, and it’ll work no matter what.
      Thanks for the help!

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