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Happy Father’s Day, Dad

There is something to be said about a relationship between a father and a daughter.  I am not a “Daddy’s girl” by any means, but my experiences with my father have made me into the person I am today, perhaps moreso than my experiences with my mom.

My dad taught me how to be strong.  My parents divorced with I was five years old due to my father’s adultery and alcoholism.  I learned of this as a fact only recently, but there were many instances where I knew things were not right.  I remember standing on the side of the freeway with my brother, waiting for my mom to come pick us up because my dad had gotten pulled over and was being arrested for his third DUI.  While my dad was in handcuffs and being carted off, I was calming my brother and telling him that everything would be okay.  By the time I was twelve, I had learned the signs of drunkenness vs. sobriety, and I knew when to call my mom to pick us up instead of risking mine and my brother’s life by getting in the car with my father.

My dad taught me how to drive.  He fell asleep behind the wheel once when I was ten, and I had to steer us over to the side of the road whilst frantically trying to wake him up.  To this day, he refuses to believe this really happened.

My dad taught me independence.  As I aged, I realized that I didn’t have to see him every Tuesday, Thursday, and every other weekend like the courts had agreed upon so many years ago.  I learned that I had a say in my visits with him, and I chose to take a hiatus from his presence for a few years.

My dad taught me how to stand up for myself.  I learned that sometimes, it’s okay to say no.  It’s okay to go against the advice of an elder, especially if you don’t think they know what’s best for you.  And mostly, it’s okay to talk back and stand your ground if you don’t believe in what they are preaching.

My dad taught me forgiveness.  Despite his shortcomings, he is my father.  There is nothing I can do to change his actions of the past, but I can do anything I want about the future.  I learned how to forgive nights spent entertaining myself while he was passed out on the couch.  I learned to forgive the fact that he slept with my babysitter while my brother and I were waiting for him to take us home.  I learned to forgive his faults, his past actions, all the things he has said and done.  But I will not forget.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  Despite everything, I still love you.

Holly, not Hollie


Take My Credit Card, Please.

I’m sure you all will be just shocked to hear that I went shopping today.  Coffee with a friend turned into a shopping spree, and nearly $200 later, I’m left feeling that my day of retail therapy was a success.

Here are my purchases for the day.








Tiger Lily 

Yeah. Someone needs to take my credit card away from me.  But I am in love with that blue dress and the wedges from Tiger Lily.  Honestly, I would have been happy with just buying those two pieces, but of course once I start, I don’t know how to stop.

Happy Wednesday!

Holly, not Hollie

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Car Doors and Chivalry

Last night, I went out for dinner and drinks with my ex-boyfriend.  Not the old ex, but the most recent one, in case you’ve been following my dating woes as of late.  We talked and had a nice time over a couple of beers, and, when we got to the car, he opened the door for me.  I was absolutely floored.

“What a gentleman!”

I know this may seem like such a small, meaningless gesture, but I have grown up in an age where chivalry is essentially nonexistent.  How often do you see a twenty-one year old male opening car doors for women?  Certainly not around where I live.  I feel that, in an age where women are all gung-ho about their femininity and being powerful, men have taken a woman’s strength as an excuse to back off on common courtesies, such as opening doors.  I hate this.  Just because a woman is an empowered being doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy being taken care of every once in awhile.

Of course, I have had doors held open for me.  My other ex did it all the time, and still does to this day without even thinking about it.  But for me, opening a car door is on a whole other level.  If a man holds open a door for a woman, it’s nice.  But when a man goes out of his way to open a car door, it means something.  It means that he is putting her before himself, not just trying to get a glimpse of her ass as she walks through a doorway (not saying that all men do this, but I have received my fair share of ass-glimpsing disguised by gentlemanly door-holding behavior).

Last night was the first time I had ever had a car door opened for me in my twenty-one years, and I certainly hope it is not the last time.  Yes, I am strong-willed and blunt.  Yes, I enjoy speaking my mind.  Yes, I can open doors myself, thank you very much.  But yes, I do enjoy these small chivalrous gestures every once in awhile.  Men, don’t think your women won’t appreciate it.

What are your thoughts on chivalry?

Holly, not Hollie

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Six Things I Love Monday: June 4th

I have had no motivation lately.  No motivation to eat, no motivation to exercise, and certainly no motivation to blog.  But, seeing as today is Monday, it’s the start of a new week and a better me.  I need to get my shit together and start living life with a purpose.  So, clearly I need to start by posting my six things I love for last week!


1. Bloody Marys

Yum yum!

Why? This last week, I have drank more than I care to admit, and I have been consistently waking up with excrutiating hangovers.  Luckily for me (not so much for my liver), I love tomato juice and I have taken it upon myself to learn how to make a bomb-ass Bloody Mary.  So delicious, and my throbbing head always thanks me afterward. (P.s. Don’t judge me.  You were all young once.)


2. Balconies

Now, if only I lived on a beach…

Why? Okay, I know this seems like a weird one.  Like, what’s so special about a balcony?  Let me tell you.  I used to live in an apartment without one, and I’m a smoker.  Also, did I mention I lived on the fifth floor?  Although my legs were super toned by the end of the year, I hated walking down and up all those stairs just to have a cigarette.  I know a lot of you are thinking, “What a good reason to quit!”  Trust me, I tried.  Cigarette-less Holly is someone no one wants to be around.  Anywho, I’ve been hanging out with a friend who has a balcony at his apartment, and I have come to realize that it’s pretty much a necessity for me the next time I move.  The convenience is amazing, and sometimes you would just rather sit outside, cigarette in hand or not.


3. Marshall’s

Why? I just went there today, and I am in love with how cheap it is!  My closest store is about 30 minutes from my house, but it is completely worth the drive to get such good deals.  I bought the cutest white lace dress from there today for $29.99, originally $65!  So amazing.


4. Maxi Dresses

Ugh. I need that middle one.

Why? In the spirit of summer, I have taken it upon myself to collect these wardrobe staples.  Solid, patterned, neon…you name it, I probably have it.  While I do love to show off my legs, sometimes you just need a good maxi dress to switch things up.


5. Color Club’s Age of Aquarius Polish

Why? This is easily one of my favorite summer polishes.  So bright and so fun.  I have a lot of white and black summer clothes for some reason, so it’s always nice to have that little pop of color on my nails so my overall appearance isn’t too drab.


6. Frame Park

Why? This is easily one of my top five favorite places in the world, which is saying something because I’ve actually been out of the country.  It’s about fifteen minutes from my house, and there’s a huge path that stretches around the entire park. I love spending an afternoon walking by the river, visiting the little shoppes down the road, and enjoying the sunshine and good company.  So peaceful and beautiful.

Holly, not Hollie

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