Car Doors and Chivalry

Last night, I went out for dinner and drinks with my ex-boyfriend.  Not the old ex, but the most recent one, in case you’ve been following my dating woes as of late.  We talked and had a nice time over a couple of beers, and, when we got to the car, he opened the door for me.  I was absolutely floored.

“What a gentleman!”

I know this may seem like such a small, meaningless gesture, but I have grown up in an age where chivalry is essentially nonexistent.  How often do you see a twenty-one year old male opening car doors for women?  Certainly not around where I live.  I feel that, in an age where women are all gung-ho about their femininity and being powerful, men have taken a woman’s strength as an excuse to back off on common courtesies, such as opening doors.  I hate this.  Just because a woman is an empowered being doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy being taken care of every once in awhile.

Of course, I have had doors held open for me.  My other ex did it all the time, and still does to this day without even thinking about it.  But for me, opening a car door is on a whole other level.  If a man holds open a door for a woman, it’s nice.  But when a man goes out of his way to open a car door, it means something.  It means that he is putting her before himself, not just trying to get a glimpse of her ass as she walks through a doorway (not saying that all men do this, but I have received my fair share of ass-glimpsing disguised by gentlemanly door-holding behavior).

Last night was the first time I had ever had a car door opened for me in my twenty-one years, and I certainly hope it is not the last time.  Yes, I am strong-willed and blunt.  Yes, I enjoy speaking my mind.  Yes, I can open doors myself, thank you very much.  But yes, I do enjoy these small chivalrous gestures every once in awhile.  Men, don’t think your women won’t appreciate it.

What are your thoughts on chivalry?

Holly, not Hollie

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One thought on “Car Doors and Chivalry

  1. Chivalry is a lost art for most guys… but sometimes we remember what our mommas taught us! 😉

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