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Windy Days and Afghans

Today is a beautiful day in Wisconsin.  84 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  The only thing that has put a damper on my day is the fact that it is windier outside than a Category 4 hurricane.  Okay, maybe not a Category 4, but at least a Category 2.  I have been picking up umbrellas, cushions, lawn furniture, you name it.  It seems like every time I go outside, there is another pillow or umbrella I have to chase across the lawn before it gets out into the road.  Thank god it’s not garbage day.

So, since it’s so windy out and I’m sick of bugs hitting me in the face, I have decided to hole up in my room for a bit until the tornado outside dies down.  I decided to start a new afghan for my dad’s birthday/Father’s Day.  His birthday is four days after Father’s Day, so I’m not sure yet for which occasion he’ll get it.

I decided to go with a mixture between brown and red because when I went to Michael’s to get more of the brick color, they were all out!  Then, I went to Joann Fabrics, and they didn’t have it either!  What kind of crafting store doesn’t have my color of yarn, especially because that’s where I got the color from in the first place?  So basically, I had to choose another color to continue the afghan, because I have no idea when they will get it in stock again.  Oh well.  Hopefully it doesn’t end up looking too weird.

My camera skills suck.

I hope you’re all having a great Thursday!

Holly, not Hollie

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Well, I Finished!

With an hour and a half to spare, I finished my friend’s afghan.  After five days, 14 balls of yarn, and roughly forty hours put in, I can’t believe I pulled it off.

Unfortunately, since I quite literally finished at the eleventh hour, I wasn’t able to take pictures of my completed blanket.  But surprisingly, it turned out really beautifully, and my friend loved it.  Plus, it looked pretty darn good next to the Walmart candle my other friend bought her as a housewarming gift. 🙂

Just thought I should share this update with you guys, in case anyone was wondering if I pulled it off in time.  How were your Saturday nights?

Holly, not Hollie

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Eight Balls of Yarn Later…

In the last four days I think I’ve knit more than I have in my entire life.  My hands are cramping, I’m losing motivation, and, quite simply, I’m sick of knitting the same pattern over and over and over.  And so far, I’m only about halfway done.

I laid the ruler on the pattern to give you guys an idea of how large it is.  It’s about 48″ wide and 30″ long, so far.  I have to finish by Saturday for my friend’s party, so hopefully I can keep trekking through.  I’m not going to lie though, for my next housewarming party, I’m going to need at least two weeks heads up in order to finish something like this again.

The only thing keeping me going is seeing how well it’s turning out.  I’ve made a few mistakes, but this is actually the first afghan I’ve ever knit, and I’m really surprised at how beautiful it looks.  It always amazes me some of the things you can create with your hands, and I’m really proud of myself because I’ve never been very creative.  It’s good to know that I’ve found my creative calling.

Now, I’m off to Michael’s to buy out their entire yarn department again.

Holly, not Hollie

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Day Two of Afghan Mania

Yesterday I told you guys about my friend L’s housewarming party, and that I was going to knit up an afghan for her in five days.  I thought I should show you the progress I’ve made so far.

This is after one day of knitting.  I think it’s a pretty decent start, considering I’m already about 15 inches in.  Only 40 inches to go!

Also, I bought out Michael’s supply of oatmeal-colored yarn yesterday, and it still won’t be enough for the afghan, so I decided to throw in a middle section of brown to give it some more color.

I think these two colors will go nicely together.

I’ll probably update again tomorrow.  I’m hoping to be at least halfway done by then, but that’s probably pretty ambitious.

Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!

Holly, not Hollie

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