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Sorry, Credit Card

A couple days ago, I went a little crazy at the mall.  I bought a lot of things I shouldn’t have, but that’s normally how it goes for me so I’m not too distraught.

Here was my haul.

One skirt, two pairs of yoga pants, one pair of yoga shorts, a tunic, six pairs of underwear, and two pairs of shoes.  Yep, now I’m a little distraught.


I really couldn’t resist this one.  I bought it at Forever 21 for EIGHT dollars.  Deals like that don’t come around that often, so this is probably one of the smarter choices I made at the mall.  I actually bought this one in January, but they forgot to take the censor off, so it took me until this week to finally go back and get it removed.  (Side note: censors only work about half the time.  Normally, they’re more for show than to actually catch you shoplifting.  I’m not condoning stealing, but if you’ve ever had a censor left on and got home only to wonder why the alarms didn’t go off as you left the store, that’s why.)

I actually don’t like Forever 21 that much, but I got a gift card there for Christmas so I figured I might as well use it.  At the malls I go to, Forever 21 is always so crowded and messy, and typically I just don’t want to waste the time sifting through piles of clothes just to find the one thing I want.  Luckily, I found this tunic pretty quickly, so I was in and out in about a quarter of the time as usual.

Yoga Shorts/Pants

I know, I know, I need to clean my mirror. Lo siento.

The first pair of yoga pants and the last pair of yoga shorts I bought from American Eagle.  I have a Select credit card there, so I ended up getting these babies for 20% off, plus a free pair of headphones with my purchase.  Ah, the perks of spending a lot of money.  I think for these two pairs I only ended up spending about $30, so once again, good deal.  I haven’t worn the shorts yet, but I am in love with the pants, as you can probably tell from the top picture.  They’re longer than a lot of my other yoga pants, which I like because at 5’8, a lot of yoga pants tend to be a little short on me.

The middle pair of yoga pants are from (you guessed it!) Victoria’s Secret PINK.  I went on a bit of a rant the other day about how much I love PINK, and this is the first pair I’ve bought that are half-length.  They were $34.50, if I remember correctly.  A little bit pricier than I would normally want to pay, but once again, I had a gift card saved from Christmas, so I only actually spent about $15 after the gift card.


This skirt is from American Eagle too.  I had previously bought what I though was a really cute black flowy skirt from AE, only to get home, try it on, and realize that they were, in fact, elastic high-waisted shorts.  They were really ugly on my frame, and I was really disappointed.  So, I returned them and got this instead!  I’m loving high-waisted skirts for this summer, and I can’t wait to pair this with a tank and hit the beach!


Okay, I honestly don’t buy shoes very often.  No really, I don’t.  But these were buy one, get one for $10.50 at Charlotte Russe, and I couldn’t resist.  How cute are they?!  The only heels I ever really wear are wedges because I don’t do so well with stilettos or pumps, so of course I had to get a new pair.  And what girl couldn’t use another pair of sandals?  Not to mention, Charlotte Russe had a deal going on where if you text and check in at their store, they give you $5 off your purchase.  So really, those sandals were only $5.50.  This made me and my subconscious feel a little bit better.


I also bought two new candles from Bath and Body Works, one Mango Cilantro and one Fresh Picked Peaches.  Let me tell you, there’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a glass of wine and reading a book while soaking in a tub with the scent of Fresh Picked Peaches.  Sorry, was that a run-on sentence?  Oh well.

What are some of your recent purchases?

Holly, not Hollie

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Five Things That are Currently Driving Me Crazy

1. Misuse of the word “literally”

This has long been a pet peeve of mine.  People don’t seem to understand that if you say something “literally” happened, it has to actually be plausible.  To quote a Facebook post I saw earlier, “Dude this video literally blew my mind!”  I’m sorry, but no.  If that music video “literally” blew your mind, you would be laying dead on your laptop with your head exploded everywhere.  Just no.


2. Unique baby names

Where I’m from, apparently the thing to do immediately after (or, in some cases, before) graduating high school is to get knocked up and married.  With that said, every teenaged mother that I know feels the need to give their kids a “unique” name.  Last time I checked, naming your child “Nevaeh” (“heaven” spelled backwards), or, even better, “Nahveyah” (which kind of defeats the purpose) isn’t unique.  At the rate my town is going, half the kids in the first grade class of 2015 will have this name.


3. Preteens in general

Alright, maybe I’m just spiteful towards children in general, or maybe I do have a point here, but kids these days are bad.  I recently heard about four kids at a middle school near my town getting caught in the bathroom having sex and sucking each others blood.  Yep, you read that right.  I’m not sure where the fun in drinking someone else’s blood is, but maybe I’m missing something since it seems to be all the rage these days with the youngsters.  These kids need to be stopped.


4. Sweaty boyfriends

Okay, this one is a little biased, since I have no idea if anyone else deals with this.  My boyfriend and I live together and (shocker!) we share the same bed.  For some reason, my beau sweats like crazy in his sleep.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cuddling as much as the next person, but I don’t enjoy feeling like I just got out of a pool when he rolls over in the middle of the night.  Please tell me I’m not the only one here.


5. The word “supper”

This is probably the stupidest pet peeve, but I hate that word.  I know all of you have specific words that you don’t like (or maybe it’s just me), but I hate this word.  It’s dinner, not supper.  Plus, I don’t like the way it sounds.  Maybe it’s just an English major thing.


What’s bothering you right now? Go on, vent!

Holly, not Hollie


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You Know You’re a Blogger When…

10. Your “most viewed” site on Google Chrome is

9. You have downloaded the WordPress app on your Android/iPhone/tablet to keep up on every single comment/like/view on your page.

8. You now take pictures of every food you make, but only if it’s from scratch.

7. You’ve taken up the art of photography just so your food pictures looks better.

6. You get upset whenever you log in (at least once an hour) and that little yellow button isn’t lit up.

5. You hope something extraordinarily interesting happens to you during the day so you can blog about it later.

4. When something interesting doesn’t happen to you, you spin your day so it sounds interesting, then blog about it.

3. You formulated this entire post in your head at 4 am last night (please blame my lack of sleep if you are hating this post…because I would be just crushed if I was considered a bad blogger).

2. Comments and likes have become the highlight of your day.

1. You dream about being Freshly Pressed, and are severely disappointed/confused when you wake up and don’t have ten thousand new views on your page (yep, this actually happened to me).

What would be in your top 10?

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Six Things I Love Sunday: March 25th

Well, it’s that time again: six things I love Sunday.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Why can't I have that body?

Why? I challenge you to find something not to love about Victoria’s Secret PINK.  I own crops, sweatshirts, sweatpants, yoga pants, bras, underwear, etc. from this line, and I honestly can’t get enough.  This love for all things comfy also means that I spend 90% of my days in sweats, however.  But hey, what’s better than being cute AND comfy?  Not much.

2. American Eagle Outfitters

Visited this American Eagle in Times Square.

Why? Okay, I’m a little biased on this one: I worked for American Eagle for nearly two years.  Even after leaving, though, I still find myself in this store way more often than I should.  American Eagle has been my go-to summer clothing store for quite some time, and year after year they continue to come out with new, fun pieces.  In fact, I’ll be going there in about half an hour.  Whoops!

3. Fig Get Me Not Tanning Lotion

Why? I’ve been using this tanning lotion for the last month, and let me tell you, you get GREAT results.  Somehow, being part of a family who turns a lovely golden-brown after spending an hour in the sun, I was blessed with skin so pale that my third grade teacher once asked if I felt okay because I was just extra-pale that day.  Needless to say, I need all the help I can get when it comes to tanning.  After just a few times of going to the tanning salon and using this lotion, I can now say that I am SIGNIFICANTLY tanner than I have been, oh, ever.  It’s a little pricey (I bought it for $55 at my tanning salon), but worth every penny.

4. Target

Oh, what could be more glorious than that beautiful red bulls-eye?

Why? I am so obsessed with this store that I made my boyfriend watch a CNBC Special about it with me.  With prices (almost) as low as Walmart, you would never expect a discount store to be so…chic.  Everything, from cooking utensils to clothing to makeup, is wonderfully eye-catching and fun.  When I get my own house, this will be my first stop for anything I could possibly need.

5. Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner

Why? This is the perfect eyeliner.  No, seriously.  I’ve been using Revlon eyeliner for at least five years, and while I have sampled other eyeliners, I have never found one that works as well as this.  It doesn’t smudge and stays put for up to 16 hours.  Even in the summer heat, this eyeliner won’t melt off like a lot of others do.  I recommend the blackberry.

6. Chalking

Why? This is such a simple way to change up your hair color without the commitment of dyeing or bleaching.  All you do is dry your hair, wet down some chalk (any color you want) and rub it into your hair.  Simple as that.  It rinses out with one wash, and doesn’t damage your hair.  What could be better?


What are some things you guys are loving right now?

Holly, not Hollie

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“So, have you found a job yet?”

These seven little words have recently become the most aggravating that could possibly be spoken to me.  I hear it from friends, acquaintances, even family members.  Normally, it wouldn’t bother me to be asked this question, because I have always prided myself in holding down jobs and working hard.  But now that the circumstances have changed, I can’t stand this simple question.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and social anxiety disorder.  For those of you don’t know much about these, it essentially means that it’s difficult for me to go out in public, converse with others, and/or cope with stress.  When asked, I can recall having symptoms of these disorders for years, characterized by tightness in my chest and difficulty breathing, but it was only recently that I started getting panicky while standing in line at the mall, sitting at my desk at work, and even driving.  I went to the doctor and left feeling relieved that what I had been going through wasn’t all in my head.  At the same time, though, the diagnosis really put a halt to not only my social life, but my work life as well.

I ended up quitting my job as a receptionist, because it was impossible for me to spend nine hours a day socializing with others in my office and on the phone.  I took all online classes this semester also, because I was having panic attacks from sitting in class.  I’ve been taking medication for about two months now, but it seems like my progress has been slow, if not nonexistent.  You can’t imagine (or maybe you can) how disheartening it is to not even feel confident enough to drive to the grocery store by yourself.

So, needless to say, it is exhausting and frustrating to be constantly asked by friends when or if I’m getting a job.  I understand that it’s hard for them to empathize with my situation, because none of them have to deal with it, but is it too much to ask for a little sympathy?  Yes, I know you are all doing well with your careers while I’m just trying to make it through the day.  Yes, I realize you want to go out to dinner, but have to settle for staying home instead.  Yes, I know you’re secretly thinking that I’ve become a buzzkill in the recent months.  But I’m working on it, and I want to get better, and “So, have you found a job yet?” isn’t helping.

Have any of you gone through anxiety or a similar disorder like this?  If so, please share.


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There are only a few moments of my life that I can remember completely clearly.

My very first memory could be considered somewhat unusual, for two reasons:

  1. I was about two years old when it occurred.
  2. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

My mom and I were driving home from somewhere, and we came up to a four-way stop.  My mom stopped, then started driving through the intersection when a car came barreling towards us, crashing into my mom’s door.  This was back in 1993, when the laws weren’t so strict on children sitting in the backseat if they are under the age of 12.  So, naturally, I was sitting in the front seat, which brings me to my very first memory: an airbag exploding in my face, hitting me in the chest, and being surrounded by white.

From this same occurrence, I have two more memories.

  1. Laying on the floor of an ambulance, being rushed to the hospital, trying desperately to lift my head up from the neck brace that was pinning me against the stretcher.
  2. Sitting on a hospital bed next to my mom while they examined her.

Luckily, my mom and I were fine.  I suffered several bruises from the airbag, and my mom is still reminded daily of this accident thanks to the early onset of arthritis in her left knee, which was pinned down from the smashed-in door during the accident.

The second most vivid memory I have happened while I was playing rugby back in 2007.  My team was in Milwaukee, playing against another high school team from Wisconsin whom were absolutely terrible at the game (we ended up beating them 105-0).  This was at the beginning of my first season, and I was thrilled because I loved winning, and we were a team that was ranked third in the nation.

About halfway through the first half, my teammate passed me the ball, and I took off.  Back then, I could actually run decently fast, so I was flying toward the try zone, with the closest girl about twenty yards behind me.  Suddenly, I felt a pop in my left knee, and I was crying before I hit the ground.  I posted the ball behind me, then proceeded to curl up and just cry like a baby (which, to this day, I’m slightly embarrassed about).  My coaches rushed onto the field, bewildered as to why I fell when I was within arms reach of scoring.  They carried me off the field, my mom took me to the ER, and I was diagnosed with a torn ACL and meniscus.  I later found out that I had stepped in a hole, which caused my knee to hyperextend and pop out of its socket, snapping my ACL in the process.

At this point, it’s pretty obvious that my two most pronounced memories include pain and trips to the hospital.  Of course, I can remember other things, like tobogganing with my dad at Lowell Park or running the beer pong table for three hours with my boyfriend last summer, but neither of these memories are as clear to me as the painful ones (perhaps due to the excessive consumption of alcohol during the latter example).  I have come to the conclusion that this could be from one of two things.

  1. I’m a natural pessimist, and therefore don’t like to remember good things.
  2. Somehow these memories are more important to me than anything else.

I don’t know which of these is correct, or if it’s a mixture of the two or neither of the above.  What I do know is that it intrigues me, and I want to find out why, when I’m asked to conjure up a memory, one of these two always pop into my head.

If anyone is still reading this pointless rant, I would like some insight.  What are your most prominent memories, and why do you think they are so vivid?

P.S. Just me killin' it during nationals.

Holly, not Hollie

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Six Things I Love Sunday: TV Edition

This week, I am dedicating my weekly post to TV shows.  I have a Netflix account, and lately I’ve been enjoying just a little bit too much time laying in bed and catching up on shows.  Since I’m finally on spring break this week and I won’t be doing much other than relaxing and watching said shows, I thought I’d give you guys a little taste of my favorites.

1. Downton Abbey

Set in the early 1900s in the United Kingdom, Downton Abbey follows the comings and goings of the Crawleys (British royalty) and their help.  If I had been told a year ago that I would be feverishly watching a PBS series, I wouldn’t have believed it.  But now, after watching the first two seasons in a matter of weeks, I am so upset to learn that I will have to wait until 2013 to watch the third season.  Ugh.  I don’t know how I will make it.

2. Modern Family

I don’t think I have ever seen a show funnier than this one.  Sofia Vergara and Eric Stonestreet could keep me laughing for hours.  If you haven’t seen this show, you need to watch it now.

3. Revenge

Okay.  I guess I shouldn’t have necessarily put this show in my “Six Things I Love” post, but I don’t have a “Six Guilty Pleasures” list yet.  That expression you see on Emily VanCamp’s face?  Yeah, that’s pretty much the only face she’s capable of making.  Her consistently-stoic appearance aside, however, and this show has completely sucked me in.  There’s just something so satisfying about watching the lives of people far, far wealthier than you disintegrate into complete shambles, and Revenge delivers a lot of it.


4. The Bachelor


Once again, it’s too bad I don’t have a guilty pleasure list, because this would definitely be number one.  For those of you who watched The Bachelor this season, were you not ridiculously pissed when Ben chose Courtney?  I mean, we all knew it was gonna happen, but that doesn’t make it any better.  And, if there’s no one reading this who secretly (or not so secretly, in my case) likes The Bachelor(ette), then I’m sorry that I wasted your time with this section of the post. (But I know you guys are out there.  Don’t lie.)


5.  Parenthood

I really love this show, and I can’t quite put my finger on why.  It could be the fact that Erika Christensen’s character is so easy to relate to, or that I’m just a sucker for family dramas.  Who knows.  What I do know is that I’m going to be really upset if this show doesn’t get picked up for a fourth season.


6. Property Brothers

Let me just get this out there: I’m obsessed with HGTV.  I can honestly say that the only show I won’t watch on that channel is Holmes Inspection (Mike Holmes is just an annoying tool).  This show is easily my favorite though.  It doesn’t get much better than watching two hot men renovate a house, unless, of course, it was my house they were renovating.

What are some of your favorite TV shows at the moment?

Holly, not Hollie

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Love Me Some Birchbox

The second week of every month is always my favorite week, for two reasons.

  1. I get my Cosmo magazine
  2. My Birchbox comes!

For those of you who don’t know what Birchbox is, I believe I mentioned it here.  Essentially, it’s a box filled with girlie things that comes once a month, kind of like your period.  Except this is something to look forward to, not dread.

This month, I was pretty pleased with what I received.

  1. Annick Goutal, Petite Cherie (far left):  Described as “a blend of fresh fruity notes and musk,” I really liked this scent.  The one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the fact that it was super light, and even after applying it I could barely smell it, even with my nose stuck to my wrists.  Birchbox often sends me little samples of perfume (obviously in hopes that I will cough up the money for a full bottle), but I usually just end up hoarding them.  The only sample I’ve bought so far was Kate Spade’s Twirl, which I also mentioned in that link above.
  2. Tarte, LipSurgence (pink tube): LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  Normally, I don’t wear lipsticks/stains/gloss, because my lips tend to get chapped very easily so I usually just stick to Chapstick.  However, this stain also has super-moisturizing qualities, which is exactly what I need.  The color ends up being a little too bright pink for me, but after a dab or two with a Kleenex it’s great.  I really needed something like this to class-up my day to day look, so the Birchbox gods must have been looking out for me.
  3. Essie, Luxeffects (nail polish): I think I love sparkly nail polish a little too much, and this polish was exactly what I needed.  It’s meant to go on after you’ve pained your nails a different color, so I tried it with a peach color I just got from Julep.  It looked really great, and I’m excited to wear it more with brighter colors in spring.  The only problem I encountered with this was that it was pretty hard to get off.  I used Curex nail polish remover pads, and I went through three just to get all the glitter off.
  4. Shiseido, Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Papers: Alright, I kind of have a bone to pick with this one.  With Birchbox, you take a survey when you first sign up, telling the company about your specific skin, hair, nail, makeup, what-have-you types.  I have dry skin, not oily skin.  Usually, Birchbox sends me moisturizers or something along that line which really helps my skin.  So, needless to say I was kind of surprised to find oil blotting papers in this month’s box.  I don’t think I’m ever going to use these, so unfortunately it was kind of a waste for them to send it to me.  Oh well.
  5. Twistband, Hair Tie (yellow thing): It’s actually kind of funny that they sent me this hair tie, because about six months ago, I bought a whole pack of these.  Online, they looked like headbands, and they were super cheap so I bought them.  I ended up with teeny tiny hair ties which I don’t ever use, and now I have a yellow one to top it off!  Their claim to fame is not giving you that hideous bump in your hair after you take out a ponytail, but I have yet to experience that lack-of-bump with these hair ties, unfortunately.

Well, there ya have it!  I hope you guys found these mini-reviews helpful, and although this wasn’t the best box I’ve gotten, I hope I haven’t turned you guys off from Birchbox.  Overall, it really is a wonderful company, and they are pretty consistent in sending you things that you like.  This month was probably just a fluke.

Holly, not Hollie

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Six Things I Love Sunday

This week has been insane for me.  So many papers to write, so little time.  Naturally, my blogging had to take a backseat to my education, so I apologize for that.

So, let’s kick things off.

1. SSX

Why? Years ago, my brother and I would spend hour after hour playing SSX Tricky, a snowboarding game.  So when I found out they had a new SSX out, I had to buy it.  My boyfriend and I split the cost, because $59.99 is kind of ridiculous for a snowboarding game, but so far it has been worth every penny.  I love the graphics and versatility, and although I typically have better things to do than play video games, this one is a good exception.

2. Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet

Why? I recommended this book to my psychology teacher in high school, and I had completely forgotten about it until about a week ago.  This book is an autobiography of Daniel Tammet, who relays his accounts of Asperger’s Syndrome and his savant-like abilities.  I’ve always loved learning about mental disorders and psychology, so this book was like a dream come true when I first found it.  His recollections are seriously incredible, and it’s enthralling to have an inside look at the mind of a savant.

3. Emma Watson

Why? I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter, which explains the majority of my love for this girl.  But also, I love her fearlessness when it comes to life in general.  I mean, who could pull off that kind of haircut besides her?  Not many.

4. Twisted Peppermint

This is what heaven smells like.

Why? This is my favorite candle scent, ever.  It’s so minty and delicious and I’ve had to buy three in the last two months because I burn it so often.  I probably should have included a fruitier or more spring-friendly candle instead, but this has been my go-to candle all winter.  While I’m at it, I might as well just note that I love Bath and Body Works in general.  Is there a better-smelling place in the entire world?  I challenge you to find one.

5. Apple Rhubarb Pie

Why? I really don’t think it’s even necessary to include a “why” section for this.  So delicious.

6. Jimmy Eat World

Why? This has been my favorite band since middle school, primarily because I literally love every single one of their songs.  I remember doing a presentation on them in high school, and three people told me afterward that they were going to go out and buy their cd because of my project.  If you happen to live under a rock and haven’t heard of them, I would suggest visiting this link and loving every second of it.

What are some things you guys are loving at the moment?

Holly, not Hollie

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The Closet From Hell, Part One

Today, I come at you with a post that gives you a little more insight into my world.  Instead of doing my mountains of homework, cooking dinner, or cleaning my house today, I decided to be productive towards my closet.  I have been putting off organizing it for so long, mostly for the fact that I have nowhere to put the huge masses of junk that has been slowly consuming my tiny closet for about a decade now.  In addition to the massive amount of clothes I have accumulated over the years, I have stuffed animals, trophies, books (lots of books), shoes, and miscellaneous boxes stuffed in their as well.  Initially, it was easy to just sift through the stuff to find what I need, then shut it so nobody could see how disastrous it was, I’m at the point where I actually want to be able to find things in my closet.

As you may have noticed, I titled this post The Closet From Hell, Part One.  This part one comes into effect because I spent almost three hours organizing tonight, and I’m about a third of the way done.  I only dealt with my shoes and clothes today, so that leaves all the other junk (see above) that I still have to figure out what to do with.  Long story short, there will be at least one more post about my closet in the days to come, once I summon up the courage to tackle the rest of it.

So, without further ado, the before:

Right side of closet

Left side of closet

Okay, now a lot of you may be thinking, Oh, that’s not that bad.  My closet looks a ton worse.  Wrong.  It may not seem like I have a lot of clothes, but on top of this, I have a clothes rack on the opposite side of my room, two dressers, and built in shelving in my closet (which I’ll show later).  Trust me, I have A LOT of clothes.  Not to mention my boyfriend lives with me, so I’ve got his stuff to deal with too.

I started this project at 5 pm.  It is now almost 9 pm.  I’ll show you how my room looked at about, oh, 6:30 pm.

My boyfriend, being a great helper.

As you can see, there was just all sorts of mess going on.  At the end of it all, I counted the empty hangers that were taking up space in my closet. 173.  Like, what?  Is that even a real number?  I’m pretty sure if I had just taken out the loose hangers, I probably would’ve freed up half my closet.

I ended up folding all of my cardigans and sweatshirts and putting them in the interior shelving.  Then, (although you won’t be able to tell from the picture) I color-coordinated all my tops, organizing them by style.  Lastly, I moved all my shoes over to the other side of my closet, hung up some organizers, and…

Right side of closet

Left side of closet


This whole process took about three hours, because I stopped to eat some dinner halfway through.  However, I’m kind of sad that there’s really not difference to be seen, besides the extra organizers I put in.  I had to remind myself that I actually did organize, because from the pictures it’s probably impossible to tell.  Another thing I realized after I finished: it’s going to be pretty difficult to get out the sweatshirts I want, especially the ones that are hiding behind the white organizer.  Ugh.  I guess I’ll end up redoing it again at some point, but for now I’m happy.

What are your best organization tips?  I’d love to hear them!

Holly, not Hollie

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